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For questions and suggestions you may contact us via our Facebook page or e-mail admin@phantomnight.com with "Phantom Night" in the title.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phantom Night?

We're a group of Japanese popculture and game fans who express their love with art!
Or just call it a doujinshi / amateur fanart group.
We've been out and about since 2009.
Our debut was a Katekyo Hitman Reborn doujin, published at Chibicon 2010.

How do I commission one of your artists?

The easiest way would be to contact them directly via any of the social media noted under their artist profile.
If they don't appear to respond, please refer to our generic contact details at the top of the page!

Why aren't you going to such and such convention?

Chances are the tables sold out or it's too far away, but please do tell us which cons to try and visit in the future!! ❤

Can I join your doujinshi circle?

We won't turn down enthousiasts, obviously, but there are a few things to note beforehand:
We're not the most active circle out there and work on a "Make something if you feel like it, we stopped forcing team effort a long time ago" basis. This means we'll gladly help eachother set up a project, edit, review and maybe draw a thing or two, but we don't do the whole "person A is a writer, B does storyboards, C does line art, etc" gig anymore. Be prepared to be a one-man team in that regard.